Real Estate/ Property/ Conveyancing

  • Real Estate Services
  • Compliance before buying or selling a property
  • Due diligence investigations
  • Lease agreements
  • Sale agreements
  • Advice on the application of the Consumer Protection Act and Rental Housing Act relating to property matters
  • Property developments
  • Sectional title schemes
  • All types of property transfers, such as residential, industrial, commercial, single title, sectional title, estates, donation, divorce, rectification and prescription transfers
  • Registration of private mortgage bonds, and accompanying credit agreement/s
  • Subdivision of properties
  • Consolidation of properties
  • Lost title deeds
  • Applications of amendments to title deeds, such as corrections to names, status and other title deed conditions
  • Advice on the extent and limitations of real rights and limited real rights
  • Registration of servitutes
  • Property rights and the enforcement thereof, such as eviction applications
  • Correspondent services

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